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Websites come in all shapes and sizes, what you have probably noticed is that you quickly get a first impression when visiting a website. As a person or organization you naturally want to leave a good first impression. Web design is crucial here.

Benefits of web design

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Web Design


At the beginning of the project we will have a meeting to discuss the requirements and wishes of your new website.

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After the meeting, our professionals will start making a technical drawing in the Figma program.


Several discussions will take place between the designers and the client to design the website exactly according to your wishes.


Our designers keep a close eye on your own house style. The website is based on this. Think of your logo or your business card.

What is web design?

By web design we mean designing websites, but the term is often used more broadly. In addition to the design, the technical development of websites is also discussed. However, these two aspects are performed by different people. A distinction is therefore made between work that focuses on the front-end of websites (web design) and web development.

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Difference web design & web development

Design includes the mockups and creative concepts associated with work. Development (related to web development) involves using code such as HTML, CSS, or Javascript to turn those mockups into websites or web applications.

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