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Web development is an umbrella term that stands for all the work involved in creating a website. The development of a site can be carried out by one or more persons depending on the size and complexity of the project.

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Web Development

Request project
Are you interested in our services? Request a quote without obligation. We will contact you as soon as possible.
After you have applied for a project, an interview follows. During this conversation we discuss your wishes for the website and we look at what your website needs to leave a great impression. This conversation can take place digitally or physically.
1st sprint demo
We work with sprints. A sprint is a period of time to work on an interim delivery. With us, each sprint is 1 week. After the first week we will contact you to discuss and demonstrate the progress of the website.
2nd sprint demo
After the first sprint demo has taken place, we will start working with all received feedback. Another meeting will be held in week 2 to discuss progress.
3rd sprint demo
As with the second sprint demo, we process the feedback from the previous sprint and demonstrate the progress of your website in week 3.
In the last sprint we complete the project and, if our customer approves, we deliver the project. We also ensure that the website is online. After this process, invoicing takes place.

Have your website hosted and maintained

Have your website maintained and prevent website intrusion and long loading times.

Maintaining your website is very important. Installed plugins regularly come with new updates. When these become obsolete, hackers can use them and break into your website. When plugins become obsolete, your website slows down. This results in a less good findability in Google. Prevent these problems with our maintenance package.

Our maintenance services:


Our professionals create websites in WordPress CMS. WordPress is easy to use yourself after creating your website.


All our websites are built using Elementor Pro. Elementor Pro is a premium page builder tool that offers many possibilities.

Unique Design

All our websites are 100% unique. This means that your website is made exactly the way you want it!


Do you want to view your new website on your phone or tablet? That's no problem. All our websites are 100% responsive.

What is web development?

Web development is a collective term for everything that has to do with creating and designing websites and website functions. Web development mainly revolves around web design, programming and managing web servers.

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Difference web design & web development

Design includes the mockups and creative concepts associated with work. Development (related to web development) involves using code such as HTML, CSS, or Javascript to turn those mockups into websites or web applications.

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