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Special methods are needed to improve the local findability of a company through SEO. These techniques are more specific than when it comes to regular search engine optimization. To make management and application easier, you can use tools and services specifically designed for local SEO.

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Key points for success

How we operate

Local SEO

1. Analysis

We start with an analysis of your current website. Here we look at where the pain points lie.

2. Process

After a meeting, one of our professionals will remedy the pain points.

3. Iteration

When the website is being worked on, sessions are held to monitor the improvements.

4. Score!

After all pain points have been resolved, your website will rank higher in search engines such as Google.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is interesting for organizations with a local focus or one or more physical addresses. In fact, almost every organization can benefit from local SEO in one way or another. Even as an organization with a national focus, you can have a strategy to become more visible in the local results. The extent to which local SEO has a chance depends entirely on your market and the search behavior of potential customers.

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Why local SEO?

Local SEO is very interesting for companies because there are constant searches from different locations. This is due to the strong growth in the number of mobile device users. Google always wants to show the best result for the user, so location has taken on an increasingly prominent role.

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